About Us


The No Nonsense Creed

At No Nonsense we believe in providing top quality products at reasonable prices. Our staff is committed to providing you the most accurate and thorough information available.


Exploring, discovering, and wonderful surprises make our best memories in the world of fly fishing. This is the idea behind our one-of-a-kind Fly Fishing Guidebooks series. Our books give you all you need to find what will become your own secret places. Each title offers a local fly-fishing expert’s candid tour of favorite fly fishing waters without revealing all of a water’s secrets. Nothing is over-sold or out of proportion and everything in our books is authentic, especially your experience. You’ll still find the water on your own, and it still feels as if you were the first.

No Nonsense Fly Fishing Guidebooks give you a quick, clear, understanding of the essential information needed to fly fish a region’s most outstanding waters. Our guidebooks are available in both print and electronic editions to best suit the needs of your adventure.

Destination Details

Our unique format saves you time and detailed maps are fully researched using a variety of sources to ensure that you have the latest and most comprehensive information available. Each water is described with detailed listings of:

  • Types of Fish
  • Known Hatches
  • Equipment to Use
  • Flies to Use
  • When to Fish
  • Seasons & Limits
  • Nearby Fly Fishing
  • and when possible Accommodations, Fly Shops, and Rating


Highly skilled and local experts fish, photograph, and write our books. These authors have fished the region or water for more than 20, and in some cases, 30+ years. All have either owned and operated fly shops, are fly fishing guides, are expert tiers, or casting instructors. Some authors have done all of these at one time or another and most have done more fly-fishing than any of us. Web sites and links to these authorities are listed here on our site when available.


Our guidebooks highlight an area's top fly-fishing waters as determined by an authority in that region. You’ll learn about "Blue Ribbon" or "Gold Medal" waters and you will also learn about some hidden gems known only to locals. These lesser-known waters are sometimes more fun than the big name places, and often less crowded, too! We also take care in avoiding threatened locations that may suffer from additional fishing pressure.


Everyone wonders which flies will work and when. With No Nonsense Fly Fishing Guidebooks each water includes a "Flies to Use" section. Our authors have carefully selected the ideal flies for each water, season, and sometimes even a particular time of day. Key hatch charts and illustrations are included for additional reference.